New Moon in Aquarius

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On Saturday 28th January there is a New Moon in Aquarius and it is Lunar Imbolc. January is also a number 1 month and added to 2017, equals 11 – which is all about balancing our masculine and feminine energies and stepping through the doorway to a new way of being. Aquarius is the sign of freedom, encouraging us to be our true selves even if this makes us stand out from the crowd. However Aquarius is also about sharing energies and seeking out groups of like-minded people to inspire and work towards a common goal.
Uranus rules Aquarius and plays a big role in 2017 and this New Moon encourages individuality, freedom and sharing with kindred spirits. Uranus is the planet of vision, change and new possibilities, so anything is possible especially around new beginnings and Venus, which has been beautiful and clearly visible here, is bestowing love, beauty and finances upon us. This is reminding us that both love and abundance is possible in our lives, so with all this special energy around, this really is a time to bring positive thoughts and actions to all areas of our lives.

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    Thank you for sharing, I enjoy your site. I am Grateful when I learn something new..

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