New Canvas

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Yesterday was one of those days when I wanted to get so much done but it didn’t happen! In the end I decided to go out into my workroom and start a new project. I really enjoyed it and wanted to share a little bit of the process as I realised that unconsciously I  had made ‘art with wings’. The idea is that you collage the background with various papers, images, texts and tissue and then cover it in paints to create layers and to leave just a hint of the background. Without realising I used old music, stamped key images, butterflies, dictionary pages with light related words, in fact everything that I associate with Angels – the music for the angelic choir, keys for unlocking the answers to questions, butterflies for transformation and positive words. When this piece of work is completed, it will hardly be seen but gives energy and love to the picture and if someone is attracted by it, there is the hidden messages that they are accessing. I will post the final image, which is part of a wonderful on-line course by Laly Mille  and you might be interested to check out her work and philosophy.

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