Meditation, mindfulness and photography

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Just back from an amazing two days on a meditation, mindfulness and photography course. We stayed in a lovely hotel and hadn’t realised what a beautiful countryside setting it was in. The whole week-end was full of synchronicity and people that we met, even in this random hotel, were talking about spirituality and involved in various practices. I felt as though I was being given pieces of a jigsaw, that I had been asking the Universe for and it re-affirmed for me that nothing is random, but that we have to trust – something that I think we all struggle with. Taking photographs using mindfulness is a a real lesson in seeing what is really there and concentrating on a small area to explore and discover. We also experimented with various techniques and looked at who we were using ‘I am’ exercises. I struggled with that as I was trying to be positive and see me in the present moment, but today I managed two pages of who I am, who I want to be and lots of positive affirmations! It’s so easy to identify with our labels, but are we really that person?
We also looked at using music to enhance the experience, although for me, the melody of birdsong does it every time! Some shots looking at texture, colour and movement in the moment.

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