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We are now well into January and it’s that time of year when we all write our resolutions, intentions, sign up to new things and vow that this one will be different! I like to create a visual reminder as in a Mood Board, Dream Board or Vision Board, whatever works for you. I have made many over the years with varying degrees of success, but I love making them and find that by spending time looking at images and words and really thinking about what I want to do, how I want to feel and where I am in my life, sets me up for next few months as I feel I am working towards a clarified plan with specific goals and desires.
Imbolc is the perfect time to start this and this year it falls on the 2nd of February. It is a celebration of the light returning and new life and growth. It’s a perfect time to clear away the old and bring in the new energies and intentions, planting the seeds of new desires.

I love to look back at my old boards to see what I have achieved; what I didn’t achieve and anything in-between. I have a very old one where I had posted a picture of myself in front of an Angel, which was long before I ever thought of working with them and creating ‘Angel Wings’. I also put on a sign saying ‘internet business woman’ when computers and websites were only just becoming popular!! Many of my dreams (mostly the really big ones!!) have not happened yet but it is always a reminder to keep on dreaming and visioning.

Follow these six simple steps to get your creativity flowing as you design your very own Dream Board!

  1. Look for anything that inspires you – it may be a poem, a saying, or words and images that really speak to you. The other day I was in the bank and saw a pamphlet about ‘getting things sorted’, which is my theme this year. Write down anything you want to do, be, have fun with, create, own, or experience in the next year and remember to include all your whispers, relationships, financial health, physical, emotional and spiritual dreams.
  2. Now choose your top five goals. Write each of them out along with an explanation of how you will work towards these goals within the year. Remember to pick some, which are easy to achieve, and include one that you can achieved within a month or two. I find it helps to divide your goals into various sections and illustrate them accordingly. This could be health, fitness, family, home, work, travel, hobbies, education, spiritual growth or just the way you would like to feel in your life e.g. peaceful, inspired etc.
  3. Choose pictures and words that passionately represent your goals. Remember – your Dream Board should be a source of excitement—a tool that will move you to achieve more. Allow yourself time to develop this and research your images and words to perfectly reflect what you are hoping to achieve. It is good to include a photograph of yourself and this should ideally be in the centre of the design. Some people like to include a border that encloses their dreams, while other like to add paint, sparkles, words, poems and Angel pictures.
  4. Remember to add an affirmation to your Dream Board. Sometimes we think too small and the Angels have bigger plans for us. Adding a positive affirmation will allow the universe to bring something better to you if it is for your highest good. Affirmations can include:

‘This or something better, now manifest for my highest good, in the appropriate time frame’

‘I create a Dream Board, pasting together a collage of my dreams and seeing them fit together perfectly’

‘I now envisage my desires as a reality’

  1. Consider the best way to display your Dream Board.  I like to put mine onto foam core board, as it is lightweight and portable and easy to stick on the wall. You can photograph it for your phone and even make it your screensaver as a constant reminder. If you like to create a journal, there are many wonderful designs, sizes and types available and I find it useful to have one with dividers so that you can use a section for each of your goals and create a mini mood board for each.
  2. I think it is good to review your dreams and goals. Although you should look at your dream board as often as possible, you might like also to check in monthly to see where you are at and even add new images and words as you discover new desires or realise that, in fact some of the original ones are no longer valid! I usually do a written review at the end of the year and it is surprising to see all that you have achieved and it really energises you for the following year. I sometimes do a tick list of my goals so I can check them off as I go and this clarifies where I am throughout the year. New items can be added or adjusted as you get to grips with what is important to you.

This tip sheet – Six Simple Steps to Creating a Dream Board (to get your creativity flowing) is available as a download (under articles) on my Angel Wings website and you can also sign up to my monthly Angel Newsletter – Wings and Whispers’ so that you can see what I have been up to and also any giveaways, shows, courses and Inspiring Angels.
Here are some of my previous mood boards:











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  1. My favourite is ‘I now envisage my desires as a reality’

    Great blog!

  2. Thank you Sharon for your beautiful energy. January finds me planning a major change this year – a total move away from all that is familiar to a land that is calling. As I focus on that land I create a visionary Dream Board in trust, pasting together a collage of the dreams which arise and see them coming together in a magical way.

  3. Hi,my favourite is, ‘I now envisage my desires as a reality’. For me,it encourages much needed focus and positivity.

  4. This or something better, now manifest for my highest good, in the appropriate time frame’
    Amazing timing for this blog – once again.
    Thank you x

  5. Tina Beirne

    Thanks for the inspiration. My favourite is “I now envisage my desires as reality”.

  6. I would say a combination of two. I now envisage my desires as a reality, now manifest for my highest good, in the appropriate time frame. As I have a dream that if manifested would be for the highest good, not only for me, but everyone, everywhere. The best one would be now manifest for my highest good as I already do envision this desire as a reality.

    Thank you for such a wonderful idea.

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