I started my original business, 35 years ago as a florist and here I gained my passion for colour, texture, creativity and all things natural. The name of the shop was Natures Workshop, which was my Mother’s idea and encapsulated the natural flowers and products that I wanted to work with. My mother encouraged and helped me with her patience, love and inspiration and my Father supported me during all of my projects. Along with his creativity, he gave me a great love of nature, poetry and magical beings, all of which have stayed with me throughout my life.
Angel Wings, my Angel website, started as an tiny idea that grew from the enthusiasm and creativity of two fellow Aquarians and after I sold my business in 2003, we decided to create a range, producing a variety of different Angels to inspire and guide. We produced our first range in record time, which we sold at Mind Body Spirit shows and were both filled with amazing ideas and wonderful creativity. We then we started working with the Archangels and developed a system of words, colours and attributes, so that the products could reach out to all kinds of people.
The website is now 10 years old and although it will continue to be a source of Angel inspiration, articles, FREE card readings, newsletter etc., I will no longer be making the Angel products. The business has always been organic and has grown in it’s own way, pushing me to develop myself, even though I have often hung on for dear life!!
I have been experimenting with art using various mediums for the last 8 years and have found my passion in mixed media and photography. I feel that this year is a new beginning and so I wanted to celebrate this with a new website and blog. I hope I will continue to grow and learn and I would like to share my journey with you and hopefully inspire and inform as I discover new ideas, inspiration and techniques.
I realised that my art almost always features wings; Angels, butterflies, dragonflies and feathers, so hence the name, as for me it is a natural progression from ‘Angel Wings’ to ‘Art with Wings’.