The Finished Canvas

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Thought I would post an update on the the new canvas that I started, as at the time I had no idea where it was leading. After adding acrylics, inks and pens, it was time to choose a black and white photo to finish off the piece. I looked at various options and then saw the photo of my wonderful, glamorous gran, at what I think was her second wedding and thought it would be a fitting tribute to her to include this with words etc. The different layers of paint hide a lot of the background details, but after I had added the photograph, I noticed that the name standing out underneath was Edward, the name of Gran’s first husband! Not only that but Edward was my Gran’s second husband’s brother!!! (hope you’re keeping up). So this ended up being a a real family affair and it has pride of place in my workshop and I am so pleased with it. Thank-you Laly Mille for the inspiration and I look forward to what else evolves from her ‘Layers of Light’ course.

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  1. What a fascinating story, and such a beautiful piece!

  2. Interesting story! I have similar one, so I do believe our loved ones/the universe communicates to us in this way sometimes

    • I forgot to add that Edward died when he was 24 and apparently Jim (her second husband) is one of my guides! I love the way, as you say, that we sometimes catch a glimpse!

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